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January 14, 2021 –

Winter in SoPo!

January 14, 2021 –

A new addition to the back of the building – logo signage!

October 1, 2020 –

Beautiful fall season in SoPo …

 September 2, 2020 –

Take a closer look inside, with this video!

June 30, 2020 –

We’re getting closer!

June 18, 2020 –

Check out the latest!

May 29, 2020 –

We’re getting closer!

May 29, 2020 –

Still moving right along!

April 29, 2020 –

Some sneak-peeks on the inside!

April 23, 2020 –

Getting closer every day!

April 14, 2020 –

Wow, look where we’re at now!

April 8, 2020 –

Some more updates!

April 1, 2020 –

Things are still moving right along here!

March 19, 2020 –

The siding has started going up!!

March 11, 2020 –

Sheetrock and windows!! We’re cookin’ now!

March 2, 2020 –

View from the top!

February 20, 2020 –

Here’s a sneak peek at the early stages inside the building! 

February 4, 2020 –

Wow, big progress!

January 29, 2020 –

Moving right along …

January 23, 2020 –

Roof trusses are up and now it’s on to the roof decking!

January 17, 2020 –

Things are really taking shape!

January 14, 2020 –

Things are moving quickly now!

January 9, 2020 – 

The first walls are going up!

January 7, 2020 – 

The slab was poured today! The underground work is now complete – time to start building up!

January 3, 2020 – 

Things are moving right along!

December 11, 2019 – 

And now the fence is up. 

December 9, 2019 – 

Some remnants … 

December 5, 2019 – 

All the buildings are gone!

December 4, 2019 – 

An update on progress – the barn is gone!

December 3, 2019 – 

Demo begins!

December 2, 2019 – 

The calm before the demo …

November 25, 2019 – 

Below, we have shared sketches of the future branch. Enjoy!

November 1, 2019 – 

Looking to be Part of the Club? They’ve Got it Trademarked
South Portland, ME: Thriving quietly inside and near your local Hannaford and CMP offices dwells the Credit Union responsible for the financial needs of the Maine supermarket staple, as well as those of Central Maine Power –and they’re getting ready to turn up the volume on Membership.

Originally conceived as the Hannaford Associates FCU and Cumberland County Power and Light, these institutions represented safe and fair places for employees to store and borrow funds during the Great Depression. Over the next 80 years, the two separate credit unions evolved, eventually merging in 2010 as Trademark Federal Credit Union. The merger only doubled down on the reliable, dependable, and trustworthy financial care that the respective employees had cherished for decades.

Though the brand name and logo have evolved significantly since the 1930s, the identity of Trademark Federal Credit Union as a responsible financial ally has never wavered. Under all monikers, Trademark has been serving the employees of Hannaford and Central Maine Power faithfully through depressions, recessions, and recoveries to individual prosperity. The secret to their staying power lies in their unparalleled Member service–Mainers serving Mainers, the way that Mainers want to be served in their financial lives.

What’s not a secret is that many Mainers would enjoy and benefit from access to the assets of Membership provided by a Credit Union. Fortunately for folks in Cumberland, Kennebec, and Sagadahoc counties, Trademark has expanded beyond their employment stipulations for Membership; they opened up their charter earlier this year to welcome people who live, work, worship, attend school, and own businesses or other legal entities located in Cumberland, Sagadahoc and Kennebec counties.

Because of their previously exclusive Membership charter, Trademark’s locations had also been a bit exclusive, with branches specifically at or near Hannaford and CMP locations, supported by a strong online presence. However, this expansion of charter includes an expansion of physical presence with their first stand-alone branch in Cumberland county: Trademark will break ground at 340 Main Street in South Portland’s Cash Corner in November.

To introduce themselves to their new neighbors, Trademark will be hosting a Fall Festival community event at the site of their future location:

340 Main Street, South Portland on November 16th, from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.

The Fall Festival is free to attend, open to all, and will include refreshments, games, and a food drive to support South Portland Community Partnerships’ Thanksgiving Basket Donations Drive. Trademark employees will be on hand to organize donations and to answer questions about Membership.