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What to Expect when Visiting the Augusta Branch

With all the new rules and procedures everywhere, it’s hard to know what is expected of you. Is there hand sanitizer? Do I wear gloves? What about a mask?

Good grief, who can keep up?!

Well here at Trademark, we don’t want to add any more confusion or frustration to your day, so we’re mapping out exactly what you can expect when you come to the Augusta branch!

Let’s take the guessing game and pressure out of the equation!

When you pull into the parking lot, this will be the first thing you see:

If you’d like to stay in the comfort and safety of your own vehicle, you’ll be using our Interactive Teller Machine (ITM):

Head to the drive-thru. Note that the drive-thru window has been closed; keep driving past it.

Be aware that there is a sharp right turn as you make your way to the ITM/ATM

When you arrive at the ITM/ATM, simply choose one of the two options:

Touch the Screen to Speak with a Teller

Insert Your Card for ATM

A Trademark Teller can then assist you with:

  • Withdrawing cash
  • Transferring funds
  • Making cash or check deposits
  • Exchanging bills
  • Ordering checks
  • Making loan payments
  • Getting online banking assistance
  • Asking questions about any account
  • And more!

If you will be heading in the branch to do a Teller transaction, please read here:

When you walk up to the door, you will see these social distancing circles, that mark 6’ of distance from you and another Member. Please make sure you are standing on or near one if there is someone in front of you.

Once you are at the door you will see this sign:

Please wait at the door for one of us to bring you in, because we are limiting people in the lobby. We ask Members to wear face masks, but also ask that you remove your mask for a quick period of time as you enter  so that we can identify you.  It makes it much easier for us to see if it’s you when we can see your whole face!

We have also provided hand sanitizing stations when you walk in and ask that you please use them.

When you are inside, you will see the same circles marking the floor. We’ve found that it’s easier to use the stickers, than to carry around tape measure!

Thank you all for your continued support during these unprecedented times. The safety of our Members and staff are paramount. We strive to keep everyone safe, while providing the same level of service you’ve come to expect.