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Are you traveling with your Visa® Debit or Credit Card?

Here are some pointers when getting ready to travel with your Trademark FCU Visa® Credit or Debit Cards.


Notify us that you are traveling even if it is in the United States.

Provide us with the dates you are traveling, where you are going (including layovers), who is traveling, which cards may be used (credit, debit or both) and good contact information such as phone numbers or email addresses.


Bring the contact information to report a lost or stolen card and keep it in a place separate from your cards.

After hours you can call 1-800-472-3272 for your debit card or 1-800-991-4961 for your credit card.

During business hours (7:30am-4:30pm M-F) call the local branch at 1-800-696-1146 or email us at


Pro Tip – keeping a backup card with the contact information will ensure that you’re not left without payment options, should you lose your wallet.


If you use ATMs or Point of Sale terminals check them for skimming devices or cameras before swiping your card.

Visa® charges an international exchange rate fee.  Contact us to find out what it is before you travel.


Keep all of your receipts and verify them to your monthly statements. Report any discrepancies as soon as possible.

Just like when you use your cards at home, Trademark could reach out to you via phone, text or email to verify transactions while you are traveling. If you receive communication please reach out to us as soon as possible to avoid your card being restricted.

Last but not least… safe and HAVE FUN!