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Are You at Risk for Identity Theft? 3 Top Tips Every Smart Teen Should Know

Young adults, ages 18 to 24 are one of the groups most susceptible to identity theft. That’s right; some of the most technologically savvy people are also at the greatest risk!


Stop shady scammers with these 3 top tips:


Don’t use the same passwords for multiple sites

Look, we get it – there are just too many passwords to remember! You’ve got email, social media, Trademark Mobile, the list goes on … it just makes life way easier to have one password across the board. Work smarter not harder, right?


Having one blanket password is not working smarter. If a hacker gets your password for one account, they’ve now got access to all of your accounts. Think about all the different apps you have and now imagine someone gaining access to every one of them – yikes!

Here’s where the working smarter part comes in …

There are free sites out there that can actually help you manage your passwords in a safe and secure way. Credit Karma named the following apps as 2019’s top two password managers:

A password manager is an app or program that generates, encrypts and stores passwords for your online accounts. They all work a bit differently, so try their free versions and see which one works best for you.


Don’t share your personal information online

The less information you have out on the Web, the better. Some social media sites have places where you can share your email address, phone number and birth date.

Don’t, don’t and don’t.

Think about this – you forget your password to your email, right? Well, what are some of the potential questions the email server will ask you before they reset your password, in order to prove it’s you? They could very well be questions whose answers are located (un)securely on your social media profile.

If hackers get their hands on that information, it’s only a matter of time before they can crack the code to getting your password.

Think of your personal information like money – value it and keep it safe!


Be wary of public WiFi

Public wireless networks and hotspots are totally, NOT secure. Like, not even a little bit. So it’s completely plausible that you could be sitting in a coffee shop, browsing on your phone, using their public Wi-Fi and some creeper hacker could be watching every swipe you make!

Not. Cool. 

Think about some of the things you could be viewing; your bank account, to see if you have enough money to buy some food along with that delicious coffee you’re sipping, maybe? Or how about that private message you just sent your best friend, with top-secret information?

We repeat: Not. Cool.

Just be cautious of what you’re viewing when you’re on a public network – if you’re going to be looking at things that you wouldn’t want a hacker to see, turn the Wi-Fi off and just use your data.

Trust us, keeping your personal information secure, is totally worth the data usage! 

If you ever have any questions about any of this stuff, feel free to contact us – we’re always here to help!


Written by: Melissa Goode