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Trademark’s President/CEO Featured on CRMNEXT Podcast

We are proud to share this recent CRMNEXT Banking On Experience Podcast, featuring Trademark Federal Credit Union’s very own President/CEO, Peter St. Onge!

In this podcast, Peter shares the success story of our resilience against mergers. He delves into our core values, philosophies, and strategies which have fostered an inclusive and thriving culture within our organization. Peter highlights the significance of trusting and empowering the team, leveraging our collective experience and talent to establish a culture of shared leadership. He passionately articulates Trademark’s message of hope and the driving force behind our purpose. This podcast offers an inspiring insight into the journey of our growing credit union and the ethos that sets us apart for our Employees and Members.
We’re delighted that he took the time to share our story and want to thank the hosts of CRMNEXT for giving him the platform to do so.
We hope you enjoy!

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