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Skip a Payment

Slide past this year’s loan payment!

Sometimes you just need a break from your monthly loan payment, especially around the holiday season – that’s why we offer our Skip A Pay program. It allows eligible Members to skip their November, December or January loan payment on any eligible loan*.

You can take advantage of this offer for just $20.00 (per loan). You do have the option to have this fee deducted from your account or enclose a check with the completed and signed application form, which is found below.

2020 Skip A Pay Application

Additional Information

*All persons obligated on the loans must sign the form. Loan must be up to date at the time of the skipped payment. Loan must have been open for six months (completed 6 full monthly payments) or more at time of request. Loan must not have missed two consecutive payments or more in the last 12 months (no 30 day delinquency). Loan cannot have had another skipped payment in the last 12 months (no other extension). Fee for skipped payment is $20.00 and must be paid in advance via check, cash or share payment. Interest will continue to accrue during the month of your skipped payment. Skipped payments will not extend any Credit Insurance that you have acquired through the credit union as part of your loan. Home Equities & Mortgages are not eligible for this offer. Please submit one form for each loan.

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