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Who can save? You can save!

Who can save? You can save!

-Tips from Krystina Foote, Loan Servicing Specialist

We all work hard for our money and don’t like spending it on avoidable banking fees, right? As a Credit Union, we take pride that our fees are lower than most banks. As Trademark Federal Credit Union, we pride ourselves that our fees are avoidable. With our most up to date technology, find out how you can avoid paying unnecessary fees.


ACH Overdraft/NSF Fees –  Here are three ways you can avoid ACH Overdraft/NSF fees!  By setting up alerts in Trademark Online (online banking), you have the ability to receive notification when your balance goes below a certain dollar amount. To make a deposit, use the Trademark Online, or Trademark Mobile (mobile banking) to transfer money or take a picture of your check and choose an account to deposit into.  You can also use any of the Shared Branching Network locations to make deposits.  There are over 5,000 Credit Union branches in the network!  Trademark also offers Trademark Defender to our Members. Sign up today and avoid the $29 fee and the possible fee from the merchant.


Overdraft Transfer Fee- At Trademark, you can link your savings account to your checking account for overdraft protection. The cost is $2 per transfer.  To avoid this fee you can use home banking to set up alerts when your balance gets to a certain level. There will be a quick reminder to sign into Trademark Online or the mobile app to do a transfer. By doing the transfer yourself, you will avoid being charged a $2 overdraft transfer fee. Trademark Mobile also offers a quick balance feature to allow you to quickly check your balance without logging in.  This is great to use while waiting in line to check out.


Mail Forwarding/Return Mail/Undeliverable Statement Fees- Trademark charges a $3 fee for mail forwarding, a $2 fee for returned mail and a $5 fee for undelivered statements.  Here are some tips to avoid these fees! Log into your Trademark Online account, go to the Member Service tab at the top of the page, and click on update profile to be sure we have your most accurate information. This will help you avoid up to a $5 fee for any mail that cannot reach you.  If you are “on the go”, but have your phone and our mobile app; feel free to sign in quickly using the fingerprint option if your mobile device allows, and send us a message to have a representative update your information for you. You can also call in at any time and request the update to your accounts.


Christmas Club Withdrawal Fee- Trademark charges a $10 withdrawal fee when you withdraw funds from your Christmas Club outside of the scheduled distribution day.  Trademark offers a variety of different club accounts with no fees. If you need to use the funds in your Christmas Club before they are disbursed on October 1st, talk to any one of us at Trademark about what type of fee-free club account would best fit you.


Closed Account Fee- Trademark offers a variety of services to be sure that Members near and far are able to continue taking advantage of all products and services. Keep reaping all of the benefits we have to offer and avoid the $25 fee for closing your account within 6 months of opening.


History or Statement Copy Fee- Utilize e-statements and Trademark Online to save yourself $5 per statement copy, or history printout.  By doing this online, not only do you save the unnecessary fees, you are able to do it at your convenience, while being environmentally friendly.


Dormant account/Inactive Account Fee – Avoid being charged $3 monthly, for not taking advantage of your accounts at Trademark by simply doing at least one transaction on your account per year, or give us a call to let us know you want to keep your account active at Trademark. You may also set up a recurring transfer to happen between accounts so you don’t have to mark your calendar or try to remember.


Debit Card Reactivation/Replacement Fee-  Trademark charges a $5 fee to reactivate or replace your debit card.  Keep your account in good standing by making regular deposits, signing up for direct deposit, using mobile deposit, shared branching, or even dropping a deposit in the night drop at your local branch. While you are in the branch, grab a free card protector to protect your card from breaking, scratching, or the possibility of having the mag strip get demagnetized from a cell phone that may be stored close by.


Money Market Withdrawal Fee – Each Money Market Account has five free withdrawals.  After that, money can be withdrawn with a $5 fee.  Keeping money in your Money Market account at Trademark will help you earn the most for your dollar. Use our Personal Finance Manager in Trademark Mobile to help budget and be sure you will not need to draw funds more than five times a month. If you know you might be close, you can always draw extra funds out to avoid the $5 fee. There is no fee to deposit the funds back into the account if they are not used as you had planned.


For more information and questions on how to sign up or use any one of our products, please contact us by calling 800-696-1146, or you may also write to us using e-mail at MemberServices@trademarkfcu.org, send a message through Trademark Mobile, Trademark Online, or even stop by a branch and sit with us to help fulfill all of your financial needs.