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Team Trademark Gives Thanks

I am thankful for the ability to take more time with my creative side. Whether it is painting, sculpting, or sketching, quarantine hasn’t dampened my love for art.”

– Josie

“I am thankful for technology this year, which has enabled me to keep in touch with loved ones from afar! I am also thankful for Stove Top Stuffing, which I am looking forward to eating copious amount of (guilt-free) during this holiday season!”


“I am thankful for the great outdoors and the ability to explore new parts of Maine on our ATV’s. With COVID19 restrictions it was a blessing to get outside and enjoy the fresh air of the northern woods. I am looking forward to snowmobile season!”


“I am thankful for the beauty that surrounds me each and every day – family, friends, coworkers, pets, landscape !!!!!”


“I am thankful that I have been able to work from home to protect the safety of my family and my co-workers.”


“I am thankful for this time of year……a reminder to not wait for the holiday season, but always, to let those you hold dear know how much they mean to you!”


I am thankful for my beautiful healthy daughter who was born in May. She has been an amazing light during this tough year.”  


“I am thankful for our Members, ITM’s, and the Trademark staff, whom without there would be no holiday celebrations for myself. I am also thankful for my close friends and family, and all the convenience and safety of our State.”


“I am thankful that my family and friends are safe and healthy during these times.”


“I am thankful for the additional time at home with my family and pets. One of my cats is 19 and has health issues.  It has been important for us to keep an eye on her and being home so much has allowed us to do that.” 


“I am thankful for family and friends whether time is spent together, in person, or virtually!”


“I’m thankful for all the people who are risking their lives to help us get through the pandemic!”

– Bill

“I am thankful for my home; A place I spend my days staying healthy, working to help provide for my family, and a place where I am able to gather with family in person or virtually using technology. I am thankful for 2020 teaching me to not take things for granted and to live for today.”