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Newsroom – Data Breaches

Newsroom – Data Breaches

Data Compromises

You’ve undoubtedly heard or read numerous articles in the news recently about data breaches and payment processing system compromises at various merchants. We thought it a good time to arm you with knowledge and hopefully provide you with some peace of mind.

First off, let’s start out with some information. At this time, we know of four data compromises that have the potential to affect our members. Those merchants are:

  • Shaw’s

– June 22nd – July 17th exposure window

– Fraudsters attained card numbers, cardholder names and card expiration dates

– Shaw’s parent company, AB Acquisition, LLC, is offering free identity theft monitoring for one year (1-855-865-4449 for more info)

  • UPS Store

– January 20th – August 11th exposure window

– The breach took place at physical locations and not

– 51 stores in 24 states affected (none in Maine, Massachusetts, or New Hampshire)

– No fraud has yet been detected on potentially-compromised cards

  • Home Depot

– April 2014 – September 2014 exposure window

– Approx. 2,200 stores affected in the U.S. and Canada (400 more than the Target breach of 2013)

– is not believed to have been affected

– Some card numbers are confirmed to have been stolen

– Home Depot is offering identity theft services for anyone who shopped at a store within the exposure window

  • Dairy Queen

– Three locations in Maine affected (Bangor, Portland, and Old Town)

– Not all DQ locations are on the same payment processing system

– It is up to the franchise owners to rectify the security vulnerability which caused card numbers to be stolen

– Some DQ locations are going cash-only

– Would recommend for members to use cash for DQ purchases going forward as it is not clear whether some card terminals are still affected

We care about your financial security! To protect your account, Trademark works closely with our credit and debit card processor to closely monitor transactions 24/7. If it is identified that something suspicious is trying to post to your account, you will receive a phone call from an automated representative looking to verify that the transaction is legitimate. This does require up-to-date contact information; if you think we may have old data please give us a call at 800-696-1146. We are also taking extra steps to monitor accounts for potentially-fraudulent activity.

The best way to combat fraudsters is to remain vigilant. We recommend and strongly urge members keep a close eye on their accounts daily. If you see any transaction that looks suspicious please contact us as soon as possible so that it can be researched.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We can be reached toll free at 800-696-1146 or emailed at If you choose to email us, your name will be enough to identify you. You do not need to include your account number in the email.