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Frequently Asked Questions About the Debit Card Stimulus Payment

According to the US Treasury, some 4 Million Americans will receive their stimulus payment in the form of a prepaid debit card. There has been a bit of confusion surrounding these cards, from people mistaking them for junk mail, to just simply being unsure of how they work. We wanted to take a minute and help alleviate some of those concerns and answer some commonly asked questions.

How will I receive my card and what does it look like?

The Economic Impact Payments (EIP) arrive in plain envelopes, from Money Network Cardholder Services. The cards will have the VISA logo on the front, as well as the word “Debit”,  and will show Metabank, N.A.  on the back.

How do I activate my card?

Before using your card, you will call 1-(800)-240-8100 to activate it. You’ll be asked to enter your card number, the last six digits of your Social Security Number and the three-digit security code on the back of your card. 

You’ll also be asked to set a four-digit PIN, which you’ll use for any ATM transactions, automated assistance and to hear your balance.

Where can I use my card?

You can use the card to make purchases anywhere VISA cards are accepted.

You can also get cashback at participating merchants, by using your four-digit PIN that you created at the time of activation.

How can I check my balance without incurring  a fee?

Here are three ways to do that:

  • Online: visit  and access your account information (account registration required)
  • By Phone: call 1-800-240-8100 (TTY: 1.800.241.9100) and use the automated voice response system
  • Mobile App: download the Money Network® Mobile App (account registration required)

Can I deposit the money from my card into my bank account?

Yes! Here are the steps to do that:

  • Activate your card by calling 1.800.240.8100 (TTY: 1.800.241.9100).
  • Then, go to to register for online access.
  • Once your card and bank are linked, choose “Move Money Out” and follow the steps to set up an ACH transfer. You will need your routing and account number.

Trademark FCU Routing Number is: 211287298

What happens if I accidentally throw my card away?

If you mistake your card for junk mail and toss it, or if it’s lost or stolen at any time, you can get a replacement by calling customer service at 1-(800)-240-8100.


We hope this was helpful, however if you have questions outside of this, please remember we are here to help you!  Contact us anytime and we will be happy to walk you through it.