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Apply for the Griffin-Guerrette Charitable Giving Fund

We are now accepting applications for the Griffin-Guerrette Charitable Giving Fund!

The mission of the Griffin-Guerrette Fund is to assist human service, social welfare or other charitable, non-profit organizations in Kennebec County.  To do this, each year we make an annual donation of one thousand dollars to an agency selected through an application process.

2019’s Story

Last year, the Winthrop Hot Meal Kitchen was selected. The Kitchen cooks about 80 meals per day, four days a week from September through May and two days a week from June through August. Their cooks had found that the six-burner commercial gas stove was too small to efficiently cook the meals required. They were in desperate need of more burners and found that while they could not replace the church stove, they could purchase a four-burner hotplate that would fit their needs perfectly. The funds from the Griffin-Guerrette Charitable Giving Fund allowed for them to do just that!

2018’s Story

In 2018 the Bread of Life Ministries was the selected recipient for the fund. Bread of Life Ministries provides five major areas of service: Meals to the hungry through their at housing with 83 apartments, and case management services.  Each of these services touches the lives of the elderly, couples, families, single people, veterans, and children that are struggling to meet basic needs. Annually the shelter turns away hundreds of phone calls for help and multiple families/singles each week, who are seeking shelter but they are unable to help because they have no available beds in their shelters. The Bread of Life Ministries was seeking to solve that issue and established a goal of never having to say no again to any person in need of shelter services. Their shelter expansion plan sought to renovate both their family and veteran shelters, by adding reasonably sized two floor additions onto both shelter buildings.  The family shelter expansion was going to add 6 new beds for single men and women and 8 new beds to be utilized by families and children and more.  While the Griffin-Guerrette Charitable Giving Fund did not provide the full funding for this big project, it was an added support to the cause.

The Griffin-Guerrette Chartible fund was established in 2012, to recognize Judith A. Griffin and Paul G. Guerrette for nearly seventy years of combined dedicated service to Trademark Federal Credit Union and to the communities surrounding the Augusta area.

These are just a few stories of ways this fund has assisted people in need – we look forward to the many stories to come.

If you are with or know of an agency deserving of this award, please share this with them and tell them to apply here today!