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Let the Holiday Shopping Begin!

A reminder to our current Holiday Club account holders, your funds will be transferred to your savings on September 30th, after the close of business and the posting of dividends has occurred.

Don’t have a Club account with Trademark, but want to learn more? Read below!

Many of our Members prepare for their holidays by opening a Trademark Holiday Club account. As with the other clubs, you can start at any time, no minimum balance is required and with payroll deduction or recurring transfers, making deposits to your club couldn’t be easier. Link your Holiday Club to your Trademark account and each year the funds are disbursed on September 30th. After disbursement into your savings, transfer it over to your checking for easy access to your Holiday Club funds using your debit card – it’s that simple!

Amount Deposited Per WeekTotal Saved by September 30th

The above graphic details the projected total savings for weekly deposits from January 1, to when we transfer Club funds on September 30th.

Holiday Clubs are the most popular here at Trademark, but you can start any type of Club account you want!

Here are a few examples of some of the Clubs our current Members have:

  • Vacation Club
  • Tax Club
  • Home Heating Club
  • Wedding Club

The best part is, once you open the account, YOU control the name of the Club within your Trademark Online Home Banking platform, so when you’re done saving for that vacation and have a new savings goal in mind, you can re-name it to fit whatever your current goal is!

Contact Member Services to get started today.