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A Journey of Inspiration: Training for the Maine Marathon

On October 6th, runners from across the globe will converge at Portland’s Back Bay for the Maine Marathon. Among these athletes is Serena, one of Trademark’s own, who is driven by a deeply personal motivation and a story of perseverance.

Choosing the Marathon

Serena’s decision to participate in the Maine Marathon was inspired by a unique and touching motivation: her daughter, Brianna, who wanted to complete her first marathon before turning 26 at the end of October. The idea of running 26.2 miles to celebrate her 26th birthday felt both symbolic and inspiring.

This marathon holds special significance beyond the birthday milestone. Five years ago, Serena was preparing for the Maine Marathon when unexpected surgeries forced her to pause her running aspirations. Having previously completed the half marathon in Maine, she was eager to tackle the full marathon. Now, with Brianna’s encouragement, she is back on track, aiming to fulfill this dream. The timing of the marathon in October, coinciding with Brianna’s birthday month, made it the perfect choice.

Building the Training Regimen

The training regimen began with a straightforward goal: to start running again and reconnect with the running community. Serena joined online group chats and participated in virtual races to immerse herself in the running culture once more. Starting with 5k training, she gradually increased her distance to 10k and is currently focused on half marathon training.

To enhance her training, she incorporated strength training and biking, recognizing the benefits of cross-training. Recently, she added swimming at the YMCA, rediscovering a love for the activity and its complementary benefits for running. Swimming provided a full-body workout that significantly contributed to her training routine.

Adapting and Seeking Support

As the intensity of the training increased, Serena experienced more fatigue, prompting a reevaluation of her nutrition. Proper nutrition is crucial for endurance training, and she is now seeking advice from the online running community to make necessary dietary adjustments. The collective wisdom and support of fellow runners will help her optimize her nutrition and sustain energy levels.

Training for the Maine Marathon is more than just preparing for a race; it’s a journey of reconnecting with a passion that was once sidelined by life’s challenges. With the support of her daughter and the broader running community, Serena is not only working toward a personal dream but also creating lasting memories.

Join us each month, as we check back in with Serena and Brianna, to see how their progress is going!