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A Journey of Inspiration: Training for the Maine Marathon – Part 2

Serena’s journey toward the Maine Marathon has been filled with challenges and perseverance. Recently, we caught up with her to see how her training has been progressing.

In June, Serena faced a significant obstacle when she had to gut her kitchen to address some urgent issues. This unexpected project severely impacted her cross-training routine. While she managed to get in some swimming sessions, biking was off the table. Instead of lifting weights at the gym, Serena found herself engaging in strength training by hauling and moving heavy parts in her kitchen.

Despite the demanding schedule, Serena made sure to fit in her runs. However, it was a tough and exhausting month. She would start her day with a run on the treadmill, work until 4:30 PM, and then continue fixing her kitchen until 11 PM. The month took an emotional toll on Serena as well. Toward the end of June, while still working on her kitchen, her beloved companion Zeva’s health began to decline. On the 28th, Serena had to say her final goodbyes to Zeva, a loss that deeply affected her.

Since then, running has become even more significant for Serena. She has started running harder and more frequently, finding it therapeutic and healing. Looking ahead, Serena’s training will continue with renewed motivation, dedicating her efforts to Zeva’s memory.

Serena shared a picture with us that shows the place where both she and Zeva ran in Cape Elizabeth before Zeva lost her ability to run. Zeva was Serena’s best running partner and will always be a big part of her racing journey. The last bike ride they shared together is a cherished memory, underscoring the bond they had, and the inspiration Zeva continues to provide.

As Serena pushes forward in her training for the Maine Marathon, she does so with the spirit of her beloved companion guiding her every step of the way.

Join us each month as we check back in on Serena’s progress!