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A Savings Journey


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A little ditty ’bout Jeremy and Diann … 

Read below to see (in their own words) how they’re saving for their wedding, and learn some tips and tricks that they’ve used – and also see how they’re learning to navigate all of this while living in a social distancing world!

They will be blogging each month, so make sure to check back here, visit our Facebook page,  or read our monthly newsletter to follow their story. 


It begins here …


April 2020

Jeremy and I met 25 years ago while working for our local cable company.  We were really good friends but our paths in life took us in different directions.  We were recently reconnected, and are planning our wedding in Las Vegas on June 6th, 2020. Hopefully! We wanted to make it as nice as we could while keeping it inexpensive, so as not to set ourselves back financially.  With a change in our lifestyles due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are still doing a few things to plan for the wedding.   We are setting aside $50.00 per pay period into our joint savings account, for the extra expenses while we are out there.   We are still currently working, thankfully, but we are working from home. We also have paid in full for the wedding planner, venue, flowers, limo, music, pictures, video, and live streaming online with a package deal and, fingers crossed, we are still able to fly out in June.  We are focusing on paying our credit card in full each month and buying only what we need to survive during these hard times for all.  We also saved a lot of money on our wedding attire by ordering them online, well in advance.  We have been able to keep our cost down for our entire wedding and honeymoon to less than $3,000.  We are trying to stay busy, but we are practicing social distancing.  We have decided that if we are not able to fly out to Las Vegas, we will still get married on our newly-built deck in our backyard with just a few family members.  We are staying safe and staying home, a good way to save money.  



May 2020

April showers bring May flowers … and hopefully a wedding in June!  

We are looking into making some changes to our wedding venue, as we are more than likely not going to be able to make it to Vegas. Even if they re-open, we are thinking it will be too soon afterward and don’t want to risk anyone’s health.  Instead, we are going to decorate the back deck that we added last year and will have our niece (who is a notary) do the ceremony.  

Financially, I have closed an account with a bank that was charging us monthly fees. Also, we are working to get our actual cash back, instead of vouchers, for the flight, hotel and venue.  Fingers crossed that since we are unable to enjoy our dream wedding in Vegas, we are able to be reimbursed for most, if not all of our expenses – that alone will save us plenty of money!  

We are still social distancing, so the people attending our wedding will be immediate family only, and we have a large yard for them to park their cars and watch the wedding from there. 

June 2020

We did it!!!!! We tied the knot.

On Saturday June 6, 2020 at 6pm, Jeremy and I took the plunge – we are married.  It was a bit of a stressful day not knowing what the weather was going to turn out to be, as there were predictions of thunderstorms throughout the day.  There were showers that hit us while trying to decorate for the outside wedding but when 6:00 hit the skies opened up, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping.

We had our 1st dance in the rain with a double rainbow that honored us and told us that everything is going to be alright.  Since we were already wet from the 1st dance shower, we decided to take the plunge … In the pool.   Everything turned out perfectly and the way it was supposed to happen.

We did not get our Vegas wedding like we had planned, but we brought Vegas to us and got to celebrate with our family and friends, which was more special. We saved so much money not traveling to Vegas that we now have a substantial savings account back up in case of an emergency. We saved a lot of money not having a tropical honeymoon, but we took a few days and went to Vacationland Inn, in Brewer.

We are very pleased how everything turned out and would not have asked for anything to be different. We are very happy being Mr. and Mrs. Morin.